Mississippi's Secretary of State caught Powell's group breaking the law. Hiding the problem from another state regulator could be her biggest problem.
The seeds of this internecine QAnon battle were sewed in April and reported here first in June.
Florida’s top statewide law enforcement agency created a criminal intelligence bulletin against a Democratic National Committee member who is one of the…
Florida's Governor hired Christina Pushaw despite unresolved criminal charges against her for violating an interim restraining order in Maryland.
This is the first of what will be regular updates
A Dow Chemicals' heir started Sidney Powell's fundraising operation but now uses his own unregistered nonprofits to raise money supposedly going to…
The Kraken releaser is facing a new enforcement action for publishing lies in response to this newsletter's last article.
The Miami-Dade Police Department still hasn't turned over the full records despite a lawsuit to compel their release.
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